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Side trip: Plymouth's older homes

I'm not going to write much about most of these homes because I know very little about them. The point of this page is to show how many old homes, mostly in good exterior condition, are along the road in Plymouth. If you're from Plymouth and you're reading this, you have reason for great pride in your city. The photos run from south to north.

This house was built in the 1850s.

Old house, Plymouth

I like the arched windows and door on this house.

Old house, Plymouth

Another 1850s house.

Old house, Plymouth

This is the Mattingly House.

Mattingly House

A duplex, the only one I noticed.


Check out that fence!

Old house, Plymouth

Built in the 1850s or 1860s. Check the stubby second-floor side windows.

Old house, Plymouth

The houses from here are north of downtown.

Old house, Plymouth

This house has a Michigan St. address but a Monroe St. front door. The Michigan Road is out of the photo on the right.

Old house, Plymouth

The Humrichouser-Kane house was built in about 1870.

Humrichouser-Kane house

Wacky paint job, but great porch.

Old house, Plymouth

This massive house has a great porch, too.

Old house, Plymouth

I don't know anything about this house, but whoever owns it has done a nice job with it.

Old house, Plymouth

A couple houses in the neighborhood of the Corbin House (see the main Marshall County page).

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